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I provide professional wedding services including Pre-Marriage Counseling, Wedding Officiation, and Master of Ceremonies

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“The weekend exceeded our dreams and you were so much a part of making it a success…I heard more comments about your message and personality that made the day so much more special.”

“We had more compliments on you and our bar than anything else at the wedding. Everybody loved your talk!”

“My dad said it was the best wedding speech he has ever heard in his life! I wish I had a recording of it!”

 Description of Services

Every wedding is as unique as every marriage. I work with you and your wedding coordinator to create the perfect day for you and a memorable experience for your guests. You can custom select from the services I provide including:

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Wedding Rehearsal and Officiation

Master of Ceremonies at Reception

Pre-Marriage Counseling includes 3 sessions in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding. We work on developing healthy  communication patterns, handling expectations, setting boundaries with friends and family, managing finances, enjoying sexual expression, and any other areas you want/need to focus on.

Wedding Rehearsal and Officiation includes coordinating with your wedding planner, participating and assisting with the rehearsal as needed, and actually officiating your wedding ceremony.

Master of Ceremonies at Reception includes introducing the wedding party and special couple, announcing dinner, coordinating toasts/speeches from friends and family, facilitating party games, and giving instructions for special dances, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, and final farewell.


Platinum Wedding Package $950: Includes Pre-Marriage Counseling, Rehearsal and Wedding Officiation, and Master of Ceremonies

Gold Wedding Package $850: Includes Pre-Marriage Counseling, Rehearsal and Wedding Ceremony Officiation

Silver Wedding Package $750: Includes Rehearsal and Wedding Ceremony Officiation Only

Wedding Ceremony Only $500

Pre-Marriage Counseling Only $300

You can schedule a free consultation here. You can also create a custom package including any of the above services, plus additional services as requested. Just use the form below and I’ll send you a custom quote. 

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