I provide Gospel-centered coaching on a wide range of topics including:

Life, Work and Career Coaching

Marriage and Family Issues

Relationships and Communication

Personal Integrity and Decision-Making

Pornography Struggles

Spiritual Life and Faith Questions

My fees are based on what each person can afford. A suggested fee for a 55 minute session is $100.00. You determine what you are able to pay. I don’t want anyone not to get coaching because of finances.

I offer video offsite coaching or in person at my office, located in downtown Huntsville at: 203 Eastside Square, 2nd Floor – Suite 10, HSV, AL 35801.

Premier Life Mission Coaching: Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission in Life

Ever feel like there’s more to this life than you’re experiencing now?
Do you feel stuck in the wrong job or career, but don’t know how to start a change?
Are you having a hard time understanding how your work and God’s mission intersect?
Wondering how you can maximize your unique gifts for God’s work in the world?

Premier Life Mission Coaching will help you determine your unique calling and role in the broader scope of God’s mission and take tangible, measurable steps toward fulfilling your life’s mission!

Through this premier coaching experience,
you’ll be able to:

  • Assess your unique life portfolio
  • Understand how your gifts, skills, motivations, experience and resources work together
  • Determine how you can best invest them for God’s Kingdom
  • Take specific steps toward achieving your unique life mission
  • Be accountable to others who will help you stay on track
  • Develop a long-term plan to keep you on mission for life!
What We Offer:

  • 12 months of Life Mission Coaching
  • ½ day Life Portfolio Assessment (4 hours)
  • Twelve Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions (1 hour ea.)
  • Twelve Monthly Coaching Phone Calls (30 min. ea.)
  • Comprehensive Life Mission Plan and Strategy
What you commit to:

  • 12 months of Life Mission Coaching
  • Completing Life Portfolio Assignment Homework before your Assessment
  • Completing Monthly Homework Assignments
  • Reading 6 Books and Completing 6 Life Application Reports
  • Being Prepared for Each Coaching Session and Phone Call

Life Mission Coaching Rates:

½ Day Assessment – $495.00
12 Months of Coaching – $1,800.00
$500 deposit due before assessment
Coaching can be paid monthly ($150.00)

Total Fee: $2,295.00
Save $300 if paid in full in advance. ($1,995.00)

Premier Coaching Package:

2-Day Offsite with Bruce W. Martin for more in-depth assessment, analysis, and 1-on1 personal development. This is an extraordinary opportunity to dig deep and really kickstart your life mission plan!

Additional Fee: $1,500 including meals and resort lodging.

One of the things we feel strongly about at IYLM is that discipleship should never be limited to those who can afford it. We want to make our coaching, books and other discipleship tools available to every person regardless of their ability to pay. So here’s the deal: you tell us what you can afford for coaching and pay what you’re able. The fees we have listed are suggested retail value, but we’ll work with you based on your ability to pay.

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