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Bruce W. Martin

Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach, Outdoor Adventure Guide

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I am an international keynote speaker and a leading expert on how to find greater meaning, purpose and hope in life. I’m the award-winning author of Desperate For Hope which reached the Amazon Top 100 in Christian books. A Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, I speak extensively on living fearlessly, investing your life, and finding purpose, meaning and hope. I’m the founder of Invest Your Life, a successful coaching and counseling practice with over 300 clients worldwide, helping companies and individuals fulfill their purpose in the world. I’m also the founder of Born 2 Be Wild, an outdoor adventure company that takes people on 2 to 7 day spiritual transformation backpacking trips where people find God, community, and purpose in the backcountry.

I blog about hope, mission, the Gospel in culture, marriage stuff, and how to invest our lives in what matters most. More than anything, I want to help you live out the Way of Christ in your everyday life. 

I provide Christ-centered counseling to individuals, couples and families for marriage problems, family issues, relational struggles, personal integrity, spiritual life & faith  concerns, as well as purpose coaching.

Recent Posts

Necessary Endings

Necessary Endings

I love the next thing. I love beginnings. I’m simply wired for them. But as we close out 2022, I’m thinking about endings. We just finished moving out of our house in Big Cove that we'd lived in for 16 years. It's kind of surreal and not a little sad. But if we're...

Re: My Word for 2022

Re: My Word for 2022

Re. That’s it. That’s my word for 2022. No, not the musical note. And no, not the abbreviated version of regarding. Just Re.  It means “once more, afresh, anew.” In short, again. There’s a lot to this little word. I couldn’t settle in on just one of the possible...