UnlearningPoverty-3DUnlearning Poverty (www.unlearningpoverty.com)

Most of what you know about poverty is probably wrong.

More and more Christians are recognizing our biblical responsibility to serve the poor. But we’re not sure where to start. So we do what comes easiest. We provide relief.

A $20 bill to the guy holding the “Please Help” sign. Free food and clothing for the homeless. Some quick cash to help with a utility bill or rent payment.
Keeping people at arm’s length, we protect ourselves emotionally and never really engage the deeper issues that drive poverty. On top of that, we subconsciously make all sorts of biased assumptions about the poor, how they got there, and what we think will help. But what if most of those assumptions are wrong?

We’ve got to unlearn poverty.

To really help the poor, you’ve got to get up close and personal with them. Only then can you understand what will (and won’t) actually help. This book will challenge you to grow beyond simple relief efforts and help you develop meaningful, long-term relationships with people in need.

This book releases Fall 2016. Preorder your copy here! (link to Shopping Cart)