Scars of Hope Tour

Suffering is universal. Every one of us has suffered to some degree. Whether from abuse, abandonment, disease, the loss of a child or spouse, bankruptcy, infertility, divorce, job loss, injustice, betrayal…you get the picture. The list goes on and on. And many of us have found ourselves “stuck” in the aftermath – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually scarred.

The scars of suffering.

Just as physical trauma leaves scars on our body, emotional distress leaves scars on our soul. An emotional mark. It feels like the trauma of our past defines us. But it doesn’t have to. The pain from our past doesn’t have to ruin the present or sabotage the future. In fact, our scars can become the very thing God uses to achieve His greatest purposes in and through our lives.

They become the scars of hope.

Bruce W. Martin has shared this message of hope at churches, conferences, and women’s retreats and seen God work in profound ways to heal people from years of bondage to pain from their past. He would like to share it with your group as well.

Your audience will benefit by:

  • Knowing they’re not defined by the worst thing that’s happened to them…or the worst thing they’ve done.
  • Realizing their scars don’t limit them or undermine their ministry. They qualify them for ministry.
  • Understanding their pain from the past can help them discern their purpose for the future.
  • Seeing that the scars they carry can actually lead others to faith in God.
  • Experiencing freedom from the painful memories of the past that keep them “stuck.”

We want to share this message “The Scars of Hope” around the country through this speaking tour. If you’d like to have him share this message with your church, non-profit, retreat, or conference, contact us at the link below.


“Bruce W. Martin delivered a powerful message on the “Scars of Suffering” at the 2019 Speak Up Conference. His transparency, biblical wisdom, generous heart, and Holy Spirit empowered ministry impacted all of us in a profound way. Bruce is a gifted communicator who weaves humor, truth, and hope into every message. His ministry on and off the platform reveals servant-hearted leadership and makes a lasting difference. I highly recommend his ministry!”

Carol Kent, Exec. Dir. of the Speak Up Conference, Author of “When I Lay My Isaac Down”

“Bruce Martin is not just inspirational but transformational! He is a gifted communicator who can make a difference.”  

Bonnie Emmory, Conference Director, the Speak Up Conference

“Bruce is a compelling speaker who has the ability to help you see suffering from a different perspective. Thank you, Bruce, for sharing your story in such a way that it taught me much about my story.”” 

Jill Savage, Author and Speaker

No More Perfect Marriages

Your speech was so relatable, probably to everyone, but especially our group of military spouses. You spoke to our souls. You gave us unspoken permission to allow our pain to be a factor in defining our purpose. We are who we are because of our joy, but because of our pain and scars too. I’ll never apologize for that again.” Krista Simpson, Gold Star Spouse, Hamp. MA

“The message you gave was the single most thorough and insightful presentation regarding why genuine Christians can still experience trials and tribulations that I have heard since I became a Christian about 27 years ago.  It was tremendously liberating and encouraging.”

A.C. Huntsville, AL

Speaking Fees:

There is a suggested honorarium of $1,000, plus expenses for churches and non-profits. However, we believe this Gospel ministry is discipleship and shouldn’t be limited to those who can “afford” to bring him to their city. So here’s some creative ways you can invite Bruce to share with your group and fit it into your budget even if you can’t afford to pay an honorarium:

  • Receive a love offering after he speaks and have a book signing/book sales.
  • Offer to pay expenses and have a book signing/book sales.
  • Charge a minimal registration of $15 and include his book, Desperate for Hope for each attendee.
  • Arrange for him to speak at multiple venues and share the expenses with other groups.

Bottom line, Bruce is committed to come to your city without concerns about finances. We’ll work with your group and stay within your budget. You can inquire about hosting The Scars of Hope Tour in your city here.