Save Our Sons is a community dialogue about race, religion, and reconciliation. It originated in 2014 as a dialogue about police pull over etiquette. We discuss the following: ​

1. Who are we? (As a community)

2. Where are we? (As a community)

3. Where do we want to go? (As a community)

4. What do we need to do as Christians to get there? (As a community of Believers) ​

We welcome you to email panel questions to ​ Our events are dialogues, not debates. ​ We listen carefully. We keep an open mind and heart. We respect the speaker even if we don’t respect their views.​ ​​ We serve refreshments. All ages are encouraged to share.

Every other month we host Diversity Dinners in which we share Potluck Dishes, Poetry, and Perspectives. We welcome you to join us. If you would like to join us for a Diversity Dinner, please send an email stating:

1. How many will be in your party?

2. What dish will you bring?

3. If you would like to share poetry or a perspective? (Not required to attend.)

4. Name of your poem? Is it an original piece? ​