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on Monday, 25 November 2013. Posted in Hope

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Give the gift of hope to someone this year. Desperate for Hope makes a wonderful gift for friends and family who are going through hard times and could use a little encouragement. You can order as many copies of Desperate for Hope as you like for only $13.99 each, plus tax, and pay $3.00 shiping for only one! Each copy will be hand signed and all the proceeds will go to missions through the ministry of 100X Church. Just use the drop down menu below to select how many copies you want, then press the “Buy Now” button to purchase with your VISA, MC, AMEX or Discover.

I hope you have a wonderful, hope-filled 2014!

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"Desperate for Hope" makes Amazon's Top 100 Hot New Releases!

on Thursday, 02 August 2012.

And ranked 178th in all book at Barnes & Noble.com

What a great book launch! It was fun experiencing the culmination of 3 years of work with the official launch of the book. To God be the glory!

Are you ready for this? As of 6:52 AM on August 2nd, we made Amazon's Top 100 Best-Selling Hot New Releases (#77) in the "Christian Books and Bible" category! We were also ranked at #178 in sales of all books at Barnes & Noble.com. Can you believe that? God is so good!

Thanks to all of our Launch Team members for their hard work!


on Monday, 04 June 2012. Posted in Hope

Speaking of not being politically correct...

There is a great story about worship told in John chapter four. It's commonly known as the story of "The Woman at the Well." You know, Jesus meets a woman at a local well, talks about living water, tells the woman all about herself, she figures him to be a prophet, a religious discussion ensues, Jesus proclaims himself to be the Messiah, and an entire Samaritan village is reached with the good news of God's Kingdom.

But right in the middle of that story is a brief exchange about worship. She argues that the Jews have it all wrong and the Samaritans have it right. But in verse 22, Jesus flat out tells her "You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews."

Not exactly politically correct.


on Monday, 07 May 2012.

It happens to the best of us...

"If you think you are standing firm, be careful you don't fall!" 1 Corinthians 10:12

That particular verse has a whole new meaning for me these days. Recently, I took my family on a 5-day backpacking trip in the High Sierra Mountains of California. My 14-year old son and I had been on several backpacking trips together, but this was my wife's first experience. And I thought I would start her off with an epic 31-mile hike on the High Sierra Trail.

I wanted to make sure that she was comfortable and enjoyed the trip, so I limited her pack weight to about 22 lbs. And since my son only weighs about 70 lbs. dripping wet, I limited his pack to about 15 lbs. However, this meant that I had to carry around 53 lbs., far more than I am accustomed to carrying. I generally hike with around 30 lbs or so. But no big deal, right? I am, after all, an experienced backpacker with over 1,000 miles logged on wilderness trails all around the country.



on Monday, 02 April 2012.

Does God Even Care?

I'm sitting on uncomfortable wet ground staring out from a water-logged tarp at non-stop rain. This weekend is not going as I planned. "God, I know I am supposed to be a little more upbeat about this. I am the hike leader after all. But, honestly, I'd rather be curled up in my bed at home." I could feel the cold, moist air penetrating the layers of my outerwear going all the way to my bones. I shivered miserably.

Before my brain could filter what came from my soul, I began to pour out my inner thoughts to God. Doubts. Fears. Irritations. I asked "God, do you really relate to me as personally as I think you do, or am I just making this personal relationship thing up?" I had this nagging feeling sometimes that God was really vast and far away. Unapproachable. I felt silly for pouring out my stuff to Him, particularly if He wasn't listening, or worse, wasn't really interested.