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Bruce W. Martin

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Welcome to my online home!

Hi, I’m Bruce. I’m an author, speaker, counselor and mission coach who loves the outdoors! I’m not gonna lie. I’m also in recovery from 23 years of being a pastor. I talk fast, tend to overshare, love to laugh, and I’m crazy serious about following Jesus. I believe everyone has a mission and purpose in life, and part of mine is to help you find yours.

I blog about hope, mission, the Gospel in culture, marriage stuff, and how to invest our lives in what matters most. More than anything, I want to help you live out the Gospel in your everyday life. I’ll help you do that when you subscribe here. Seriously, do it now.

I offer Gospel-centered counseling including marriage, family, depression, and grief counseling for adults and adolescents 12 and up. You can book an appointment at my booking link below:

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Recent Posts

God’s Declaration on Immigration

God’s Declaration on Immigration

There’s been plenty in the news lately about immigration reform, what to do about the “Dreamers,” building walls, protecting borders, etc. We live in a very polarized country right now, particularly when it comes to political issues, and the topic of immigration...

On Turning 54

On Turning 54

I've had a wonderful life already. If I died tomorrow, I would be eternally grateful for the time God gave me on earth. I've had more opportunities, more amazing experiences, and more incredible friends than I would have ever imagined. I re-choose my gorgeous wife...



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