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Hi, I’m Bruce. I’m an author, speaker, counselor and mission coach. I’m not gonna lie. I’m also in recovery from 23 years of being a pastor. I talk fast, tend to overshare, love to laugh, and I’m crazy serious about following Jesus. I believe everyone has a mission and purpose in life, and part of mine is to help you find yours.

I blog about once-a-week on hope, mission, the Gospel in culture, marriage stuff, and how to invest our lives in what matters most. More than anything, I want to help you live out the Gospel in your everyday life. Every week, I’ll help you do that when you sign up here.

Seriously, do it now.

Recent Posts

Hope in the Midst of Hatred

Hope in the Midst of Hatred

Another week. Another shooting. As Marlina and I gathered in my study for our morning coffee and prayer time, we reflected on yet another tragic mass shooting, this time in Texas. I realized I’m almost becoming numb to it. Marlina verbalized the question many of us...

Hope When You’re In The Perfect Storm

Hope When You’re In The Perfect Storm

Hope When You’re in The Perfect Storm Adapted from Desperate For Hope This month marks the end of a catastrophic hurricane season, both in sheer numbers (16 already) and storm intensity. The hurricane season officially ends on November 30th, but it’s already been the...



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